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Skin peels are perfect treatments for ageing skin, complexion and pigmentation. Skin peels are an effective way to clear excessive sebum and dead cells from the surface of the skin which block pores, causes spots and aggravates acne. We offer wide ranges of skin treatments and medical grade peels.

Peels are also used for: Rejuvenation of ageing skin, to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tighten dilated pores, improve skin texture and loss of tone, brighten dull complexion to even skin tone and stimulate the epidermis, treat post-inflammatory pigmentation, reduce acne and pigmentation spots, reduce melasma and promote homogeneous complexion

Dermaceutic Range (Medical grade)

Dermaceutic peels are available in 4 main strengths and peel types. Mask Peel – A mild peel held with oily skin and excess sebum. The main ingredients of this peel are Glycolic and Salicylic acid with Bentonite. Milk Peel – A mild to moderate peel, helps with fine lines, dilated pores, dull complexion and loss of tone. The main ingredients of this peel are Glyclic, Lactic and Salicylic acid. Mela Peel – A moderate peel, helps with pigmentation spots, melanoma and post-inflammatory pigmentation. The main ingredients of this peel are Azelaic acid, Salicylic acid, Ferulic and Phytic acid, Kojic acid. Cosmo Peel / TCA Peel – Available in 4 different concentrations. This peel is beneficial for rejuvenation, improving skin texture, reduction of pigment spots, reduction of acne. Has a pH of 0.5 Clients will normally use a pre peel home treatment kit for 2 weeks prior to the procedure. We recommend a course of 4 peels at 2-3 weeks’ interval with post peel maintenance kit.

Prices for peels range from £90-£300 for a single peel, courses range from £430-£1400

Alumier Skin Peels – Transform Your Skin with Medical grade Treatment

Our Alumier Skin Peels are designed to rejuvenate and transform your skin with Medical-grade treatments. Using a blend of natural ingredients and advanced technology, our peels gently remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and stimulate collagen production to reveal smoother, brighter, and healthier-looking skin. Our certified estheticians will assess your skin type and recommend the best peel treatment for your specific needs, ensuring maximum results with minimal downtime. Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of Alumier Skin Peels for yourself.

PCA Skin Peels

Our PCA Skin Peels are expertly crafted to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with advanced techniques and potent ingredients. Our peels are designed to deeply exfoliate your skin, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our certified estheticians will carefully assess your skin type and recommend the best peel treatment to meet your specific needs. With our PCA Skin Peels, you can achieve maximum results with minimal downtime. Whether you’re seeking an overall improvement in skin texture and tone or looking to address specific skin concerns, our PCA Skin Peels are the ultimate solution. Book your appointment today to experience the transformative benefits of this advanced skin rejuvenation treatment.

Skin Peels Pricing

TreatmentPrice, £
1Dermaceutic Mela Forte Peel with post-treatment kit£200
2Acne – Diamond tip microdermabrasion & LED mask£80
3PCA 30%£80
4PCA Peel 10%/20%£80
5Alumier 30%£80
6Alumier Peel 10%/20%£80
7Microdermabrasion with peel£110
8BCN Acne / Pigmentation peel and Microblading£99
9BCN Rejuvenation Peel£90
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