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The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and comprises a full face assessment for asymmetry, skin anomalies, scar tissue, pre-existing defects and lines present at rest. Some photography for record keeping purposes may be taken at this point and the areas to be injected marked.

The procedure consists of a number of injections into the muscle using a very short and fine needed and with very minimum discomfort if any. In most cases the treatment will last 3-5 months.

PRP Pricing
#TreatmentPrice, £
1Chest / Décolletage£250
3Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
4 Areas

4Perioral Rhytides (Smoker’s Lines)£150
5Nasal Flare£150
6Bunny Lines (Nose Area)£150
7Platysmal Bands (Vertical Neck Lines)£250
8Gummy Smile Treatment£150
9Hyperhidrosis Treatment£350
10Migraine Treatment£400
11Masseteres (Grinding Teeth) Treatment£200

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