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A combination of high-end technologies, to treat an array of Hair, Skin and Tattoo concerns.

Our Initia by lynton is the gold standard multi-platform laser system that uses 6 wavelengths across 2 applicators, to achieve maximum results when treating for hair removal .

Triple Wavelength

Triple Wavelength Cooling Applicator: (For Hair Removal)

Alexandrite (755nm) for a wide range of hair types, lighter skin types – superficial penetration

Diode (808nm) for darker skin types – moderate tissue depth penetration

YAG (1064nm) for darker skin types – deepest penetration into hair follicle

Treats ALL Hair Colours
Treats ALL Skin Types
Treats Tanned Skin
-5’c Cooling System for a Comfortable Treatment Process


#TreatmentPrice, £
4Chin and Jawline£90
5Upper Lip & Chin£80
7Front Neck£130
8Full Face£200
9Full Face and Front Neck£250
11Half Arms£110
12Full Arms£140
13Lower Legs£120
14Upper Legs£140
15Full Legs£200
16Bikini Line£75
18Hollywood including Peri Anal£150
19Upper Back & Shoulders£220
21Upper Back£110
22Full Body£530
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