Flawless Aesthetics piercing services are run by Aysh Banaysh.
As a body piercer, Aysh’s main aim is to safely decorate people’s bodies in a way they adore. She works closely with her clients to find piercings that will best suit their anatomy and helps them to pick jewellery that will compliment their chosen placements.

With a firm ethic of education, Aysh explains every aspect of the piercing procedure before any work takes place and advises full aftercare instructions to ensure you get the best result and full enjoyment of your new piercing. All jewellery is sourced from reputable body jewellery brands across the world and made from top grade materials such as implant grade titanium or 18kt gold to ensure a happy healing process.

When she’s not not in the studio, Aysh can be found talking about piercings on her YouTube channel, planning new piercing projects and managing her online body jewellery store HoleHeartedLDN.com

Online Store: http://www.holeheartedldn.com

Bookings: http://www.holeheartedldn.com/book

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ayshbanaysh/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AyshBanaysh/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/ayshbanaysh