Package 1
Flawless Aesthetics slim and nourish

A course of 6 lipo cellulite reduction for 1 area 
Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Programme
As above Package 1 with addition 3 x Saxenda (Skinny Pen) plus 1 x B12 Injection
(Please note this is for clients with a BMI>30)
Package 2
FA Kylie Contour 

3ml of Dermal filler for jawline chin and cheeks.
4ml of Dermal filler spread between jawline chin and cheeks
3.5ml of Dermal filler spread between jawline chin cheeks and lips with additional thread lift on the jawline.
Package 3
FA Ultimate 40+

Bespoke package choice of 3 top procedures ranging from:
  • •PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma is known as Vampire Facial) (face or Hair)
  • •PDO threads
  • •HIFU facelift (high intensity focused ultrasound)
  • •1ml of Dermal Filler
  • •Profhilo