The Role of Laser Hair Removal in Male Grooming

The Role of Laser Hair Removal in Male Grooming

Male grooming has come a long way, as men adopt various habits and practices to look great, feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Beauty standards have evolved immensely over the years. Back in time aesthetic procedures of any kind, particularly for men were frowned upon but today they are a normal part of life. Laser hair removal is one of them. Below, we are going to focus on the role of laser hair removal in male grooming, its benefits, and what to expect.

Male grooming benefits

At the very beginning, we are going to highlight some of the most important advantages of male grooming and why every male should make it a part of his lifestyle. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  1. 1. Improved appearance
  2. 2. More hygienic (don’t forget that hair retains sweat, dead skin cells, and other molecules)
  3. 3. Confidence boost
  4. 4. Less sweating (body finds it easier to control body temperature)
  5. 5. Prevention of facial in-growing hair
  6. 6. Boost skin rejuvenation and complexion

The above-mentioned are some of the many benefits of male grooming. Well-groomed men are often perceived stronger and more powerful in their workplace. For the purpose of this article we will look at men’s laser hair removal and permanent reduction.

Therapist Giving Laser Treatment On Young Man’s Chest

Laser hair removal – what is it, how it works?

Times change and so do trends. In fact, treatments like laser hair removal are becoming more and more popular among men across the globe. Reasons for that are numerous, including the shifts in cultural norms and the rise of social media where people can easily follow trends, promote them, and get access to products, tips and recommendations easily. Traditionally, the beauty industry has been focussed towards women mostly but nowadays it has become diverse and more accessible to men. With 84% of men in the US now engaging in some form of body depilation or hair removal besides facial hair.

Laser hair removal poses as an easy and convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair, however, there’s a lot more one needs to learn about it. This aesthetic procedure utilizes a concentrated beam of light i.e., laser to remove hair in a pretty straightforward manner. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment melanin in the hair. Then, light energy converts to heat, which damages hair follicles to inhibit or delay hair growth.


Why men undergo laser hair removal?

If you are wondering why some men choose laser hair removal, the reasons for that can be numerous. For instance:

  1. 1. Saves time because you don’t have to groom or trim the hair on a daily or weekly basis
  2. 2. May reduce insecurities caused by excess body hair
  3. 3. Reduces the likelihood of ingrown hair problems, folliculitis and irritated skin.
  4. 4. Makes hygiene practices easier

Getting hair removed with a laser can give you more freedom and make your daily routine more practical. That’s exactly what every man wants – to simplify his life.

So hair never grows back?

When the term laser hair removal comes to mind, we immediately think once we undergo one such treatment, the hair will never grow back. But, that’s not quite correct. You see, laser hair removal slows hair growth effectively, but it doesn’t prevent it permanently. The initial hair removal requires multiple treatments, and you also need maintenance sessions about 3 to 4 times per year. What you achieve is a permanent hair reduction.

Man have laser hair removal treatment
Man having laser hair removal treatment

Who is the best candidate?

Generally speaking, any man who wants to get rid of unwanted hair is a good candidate for laser hair removal, as long as the skin is not damaged.  People with white or red hair tone normally do not respond to laser therefore other hair removal options may need to be consider.

Are there any side effects?

Every procedure comes with a certain risk of side effects, and laser hair removal is not an exception. The good news is, this treatment is simple, safe, and adverse reactions are rare. When they do happen, side effects are transient and minor. Studies show that side effects are more common in people with dark skin, but it is possible to reduce the risk by using longer wavelength devices.

When it comes to those minor and transient reactions, they usually involve skin irritation of the treated site. The treatment may also lighten or darken the affected skin, but this change is temporary.

Does it hurt?

Technology and science have evolved and with modern lasers the procedure is often pain free or with minimal discomfort. Of course, it all comes down to each man’s tolerance to pain.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the area from which you want to remove hair. For example, chest or back requires six to eight treatments performed about 4-6 weeks apart from one another.

Bottom line

Male grooming trends change and help from treatments such as laser hair removal can be quite beneficial. Laser hair removal is practical, generally safe, and makes the grooming habits simple and easy.

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